Present Time

When I started trying to loose weight, I said to myself that if I reached a weight milestone, then I would get myself a present, paid for by my tax return. It couldn't be a present that would undo all of my good work, so chocolates and wine were out, rather it had to be something that would excite me but also enable me to continue getting fitter and loose weight.

The reward weight I chose is 80Kg. Its not my goal weight, as I would need to go further still to get rid of by belly, but rather it was intended to be an interim reward.

Well, I was getting close to the reward weight yesterday, so I went down to Goldcross cycles in Richmond, Victoria and bought a 2008 Fuji Team bike, based on the assumption that I wouldn't be able to pick it up straight away and by that time I would probably hit my weight. To my surprise, I got there today, so I'm very happy.


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