Yesterday was my 24th birday

Yesterday (Thursday the 24th) was my birthday. We went out for a curry dinner with some mates, which was very nice. It also happened to be the date of my Brother's new band's first performance at the Rosemount Hotel here in Perth. The band is called "Dobson and Fitch". Its a two piece band, with Mark on Guitar and his mate on drums. The guitar gets fed through a laptop to give it all sorts of harmonic distortion, which gives the sound a much broader feel.

It was actually really good. This is the first time I have seen my brother perform live. The harmonics give the music a complex and free flowing feel, yet the melody still runs strongly through the music. This gives it appeal both from an experimental electronic music and a straight up rock and roll perspective.

He could do with looking up from his guitar every now and then though. He looked like cousin it for most of the performance


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