Online mind maps

I was going to write a blog post yesterday about where integration platforms were going, which seems to me to be online webapps without the need for an IDE at all. some products like Oracle's Aqualogic ESB are pretty much already there. I couldn't quite gather my thoughts properly though, so I thought I would do a mind map. I was going to use FreeMind, but considering I was talking about web-apps, I thought I'd do a search for whats out there. Turns out, there's heaps of online mind map editors, but most of them charge for anything but basic capabilities.

I did find mind42 though, which appears to be quite good. I think I'll be reccomending its use in the future. Below is the mind map that I'm working on. As you can see, I still haven't gathered my thoughts very well :-/ One of the nice things about this is that using an online service means that we can post links (just like the one below) in our Wiki documentation and have live updating when the mind map changes. Brilliant!


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