Apple approves how many apps a day?!?

I saw an article on gizmodo a few minutes ago that says that apple approved almost 1400 iphone apps last friday. Even on the slow days they approve hundreds of applications.

Its massively impressive that Apple have got so many applications. It just goes to show how much of a runaway success they have on their hands. I can't help wonder though how hard it will be for anyone to find the app that they want when there are so many apps to choose from. I suppose thats why we've got app review sites popping up now, like the App store equivalent of gizmodo... Here's hoping I can get them to review my app when its finished.

In Bleep development news, I got it running on my iPhone 3G last night (rather than just the simulator) and it works okay. There are some performance problems which I think I can rectify fairly easily, and then there is just user interface tweaking to go.


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