Easy Exchange Email Extraction

Okay, that should be forwarding, but I wanted some alliteration :)

Some time ago, I posted a very technical approach to forwarding email properly using Microsoft Exchange, which is useful if you work at an organisation that uses it. At the time, I was aware that the steps involved were to technical for some people, so I didn't really expect too many people to take it up.

Some colleagues at work expressed some interest in using themselves, but didn't want to go to the effort of setting up their own man-in-the-middle server to fix the emails. To combat this, and to make it easy enough for anyone to set up email forwarding for exchange, I updated my forwarder to work for any email address. I now present this work to the public, in the form of the Crimson Cactus Exchange Redirector. If you would like to perform exchange redirection easily, this might be of some use to you.

In fact, I set this up quite some time ago, but I've been too frightened to publicise it until now because I was concerned that it might become a source of spam or too much traffic on my web server. I've finally gotten up enough courage to try it out now, but please consider it a beta service. It may have to be turned of at short notice if it is abused.

Please give me your feedback if you find this service useful.



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