I'm giving a lecture on Cloud Computing

This post is basically just to try out embedding a google wave post in a blog post :) There is some news however.

I am giving a lecture to a Masters of IT class at Monash. This wave is the place where I am gathering information about what I will present. I will also provide access to the students during the class, if they wish to participate or continue the discussion at a later date.

Date and Time: Friday 4th June 2010,
Location: Rooom H125, Monash University, Caulfield Campus

EDIT: Hmmm, it seems that Disqus, the service I use for managing comments on this site, includes the script that is used to view google wave. This means that there will be an unfortunate doubling of the content below.

Google Reader also strips off the google wave component, which makes sense considering the content is added by javascript. We wouldn't want nasty javascript content sneaking out there into reader land, would we?

Good to know.

Google wave frame removed as it attracts focus...


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