I wrote an android application

I purchased an Android phone a few weeks ago. Part of the reason that I got it was that I wanted to see what the differences were between Android and iPhone.  This extends out to how to program them as well, so I had to write an application, just like I did for iPhone.

Last night, I released my little application.  Its a usage meter for my ISP, Internode. I deliberately chose something quite simple so that I could cut my teeth on the platform, and I must say that I'm very impressed. I found it very easy to write the application for Android, especially because it uses the same tools and libraries that I am used to using for my day job.  One other difference that I notice is that it is much more obvious what is going on inside an Android application.  The documentation describes things clearly and gives you full visibility.  Apple on the other hand like to keep their platform a little more mysterious.  There are plenty of good documents on how to do things, but you still get the impression that there's something going on under the hood that you don't quite understand.  Perhaps its just that I'm more familiar with the Java ecosystem.

If you'd like to have a look at it, check out its site at 8-bit cloud.  I've also been playing with the web site, and I will be improving it and hopefully making it more fun.

PS: I was tempted to call the application NodePony after a recent meme that Internode has got going with its cute little plush toys.  In the end, I decided that I shouldn't try to cash in on it.  It would spoil the meme...


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