New version of NodeDroid, now with Optus

I'm the author of a usage tracking utility on Android called NodeDroid. Originally it only supported Internode, but I am now expanding it to support other ISPs and telcos. The first one I want to try out is Optus. I've just uploaded the new version of the application, and I'm hoping some of you guys would like to try it out.
The application works by screen-scraping the optus web site, and presenting it in a better format, along with usage graphs and the normal sort of thing you would expect from a usage meter. In the future, I hope to add the ability to see bills, as well as provide warnings when your quota is being reached. That sort of thing.
Because there are a large number of plans, and they all have different rules, I would imagine that I will need to take into account a large number of factors. At the moment, I've only been able to work from my own plan, which is an Extreme Cap. It should work quite well for other Caps, but it will probably break on prepaid and other account types.
If you would like to participate, you must already have a log in to the optus account page. If my application can't read your usage, it would be useful for me to see what your usage page on the optus portal looks like, along with all the usage lines expanded. If you can provide a screenshot or source, that would be beneficial (remember to black out the phone numbers first though!!)
If you would like to participate, please fetch the application from the market by searching for NodeDroid, or through AppBrain Here
I will also be expanding the program to support other providers in the near future. Vodafone Mobile prepaid broadband will be easiest for me, as I have an account, as well as Telstra prepaid, but if you are extra keen on getting something, please send me a whim.
I would appreciate any feedback you can give, either here or on my website at The website will be updated soon with details of the new beta.  I have also started a thread on Whirlpool where people can discuss it (or not...)


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