New Layout

This site is primarily intended to allow me to play around with new stuff. As part of this, I’m playing with Jekyll, which is a simple, ruby based web generator which creates static sites programatically.

Some advantages:

  • Simpler hosting requirements. All you need is a web server like Apache
  • If you want dynamic capabiilties, they can be added in via javascript.
  • Will be able to survive a slashdotting (not that that is ever likely to happen to me)
  • Not hackable through attacks on the CMS product, because there isn’t one
  • Uses Markdown, which makes writing the content much easier. You can always fall back to HTML when you need it though
  • Want to cross-post? Thats easy. Simply symlink between your different blogs and re-publish.

This also gives me the opportunity to replace the old design for 8bitcloud with a new one. I really enjoy doing web site designs. What a pity I’m no good at it :)

Big props to Dlimiter who showed me jekyll


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