NodeDroid source code released

When I started writing NodeDroid, I did it to learn about writing mobile applications, and all of its associated technologies. One of those technologies was advertising. I added Admob advertising to the bottom of the application, and wated for the megabucks to roll in :). In the little over 3 months that its been available, it has netted a grand total of $13.88US. Thats enough to cover hosting costs, but thats about it.

A number of people have asked if I can support their provider. I have variously been asked to support Optus Cable, Exetel, Telstra, and a bunch of others. In order for me to do this properly, I’d need to have access to an account to be able to perform testing. People have quite understandably been reluctant to share this information with me, which means we are stuck with the providers that NodeDroid already has.

I’d like NodeDroid to support as many providers as posisble. I’d like it to be better than consume, the iPhone application. I don’t think I can do that on my own. As a result, I’ve decided to open source NodeDroid, in the hope that other geeks out there will write their own providers for their own provider, and then contribute the code back to the application.

I can’t ask people to work for free on something that I could make money off (even if it is a paltry amount), so I have also decided to remove all advertising from the application. I just uploaded a new version that has no admob.

The code for NodeDroid can now be found on GitHub at the NodeDroid Repository. If you are a developer, please feel free to check out the code, and get in contact with me. If you have a bug that you want to report, you can also report issues there too.


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