Resignation from Unico

After four years working at Unico Computer Systems, I handed in my resignation this morning. I have been working in the enterprise space performing integration architecture and devleopment work. I have found however that my own interests have shifted more and more towards working with mobile devices, and this has become a real passion of mine.

As a result, I have now accepted a contract to work in the logistics industry working with mobile devices to make truckies lives easier. In the long term, I hope to grow this work into a business working across the mobility industry, working on the (rapidly dissapearing) boundary between enterprise systems and mobility solutions.

I’d like to thank Unico for its support over the last four years. They gave me a job when I moved to Melbourne, and I have learned a lot in the period that I have been here. Furthermore, I have made a lot of friends, whom I hope to be able to continue to work with in the future.

And now on to the exciting future!


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