First Day in Seattle

I’ve now been in Seattle for almost a full day. The flight was great, except that I couldn’t sleep properly. I’ve got a car (Toyota Corolla) and an apartment (200m from work :-/), but I’ve managed to bust the internet already and I have to wait until tomorrow to get it fixed. Luckily they have free WiFi in the guest lounge as well, so thats where I am right now

Interesting Points on Day one:

Doggie care area at LAX

A fenced off area where you can look after your dog at LAX airport. Why would you take your dog to LAX? I especially like that they have put a hydrant in there, just in case your pooch is picky in what he pisses on.

First Amazon Fresh Truck

I saw an Amazon Fresh (the place where I’ll be working) delivery truck while I was out getting a feel for the neighbourhood. Good to see that presence!

Bicycle polo! Played in the park in Capitol Hill.

And finally, I saw a guy shouting at himself “Don’t forget me, motherfucker!” over and over. At least there’s one thing that reminds me of Melbourne :)


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